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What is Mass in Bodybuilding?

MassSo you’re a bodybuilder (or soon to be) and you you keep hearing about “mass”. Obviously it has something to to with how big you are, but what kind of big?

Now, mass can be defined in different ways. In religion, it refers to Catholic Mass. In science it’s one of those Einstein things. In bodybuilding, however, it can be just as ephemeral to define, and just as difficult to obtain.

Mass vs Weight

For starters, your “mass” is equal to how much you weigh (a scientist would sort of disagree, but what do we care about that little guy?). But we all know tons of people that “weigh” a ton, and they don’t have any of the mass we’re looking for. So just weighing more isn’t our goal.

Mass vs BMI

Some nutritionists will use the Body Mass Index to determine how much healthy weight someone has. For example, a 6 foot tall man should weigh around 175 pounds, but a 5 foot tall (man or woman) would be morbidly obese at the same weight). Body Mass index

However, muscle causes weight too, so a 6 foot 200 pound man would be considered very healthy if he was all muscle, even if his BMI says he would be overweight. Likewise our tubby friend could have the same height and weight but definitely not the same proportions.

Mass vs Bulk

Many “bodybuilders” will use supplements or techniques to “bulk up”. They seem to be getting massive but you can always tell these guys are just posers. When you watch them work out, they just can’t lift as much for as long.

In reality, “bulking up” is filling your muscles with water. It can happen fast, and can be fun to show off, but isn’t worth anything in the long run. In this case it’s not the size that matters in the end.

Mass in Bodybuilding

Mass is Power

So increasing your mass is really about increasing the mass of your workout. How much can you lift, how many reps can you do, and how many times a week do you lift? Your “true mass” will be proportional to these stats. As you push your workouts harder, your muscles will grow more. You will have a real physic and not some temporary “inflatables”.

Your “true mass” will also show how healthy you are. Over time you will be able to continue to grow without any nasty side effects. You will be able to live a long life that will put E=mc2 to shame.

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