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Creatine and Hormone Levels: What You Need to Know

creatine and hormone levels

If you fall in with the serious bodybuilding crowd, then chances are likely that you already know that Creatine is a great muscle-builder.

Popular athletes such as Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, and John Elway have even acknowledged using Creatine to give them an athletic edge, and according to a study conducted by Mark A. Tarnopolsky, MD, when used on a short term basis, creatine does not raise blood sugar or cause kidney problems like similar muscle building supplements.

But did you know that creatine can offer additional benefits as well?

Recent research is beginning to show that creatine, when used correctly, can may play a role in increasing hormone levels for HGH and Testosterone, both of which are necessary for ensuring that your body stays in peak condition.

Creatine and HGH

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, is a unique hormone composed of over 191 amino acids and is responsible for regulating many biological processes such as muscle growth, appetite, and energy levels. Intensive exercise can temporarily increase HGH production, resulting in better physical performance and muscle recovery.

Interestingly enough, creatine may be able to mimic the effects of intensive exercise by increasing HGH levels naturally. In a recent study, researchers gave six healthy male subjects 20 grams of creatine monohydrate during resting conditions, and within two after creatine ingestion, a majority of the subjects rose significantly.

Despite the small group of observation, this study definitely shows promise, verifying that creatine may be a good alternative to HGH injections.

Since HGH injections are illegal unless obtained through a doctor’s prescription due to its high risks of negative side effects, using creatine to increase hormone levels naturally seems like a much safer and more affordable alternative.

(What are hgh injection side effects to worry about? Follow the link to find out.)

Creatine and DHT

Testosterone is one of the key reasons why men can build bigger, bulkier muscles than women. It plays a role in protein synthesis and can even inhibit the breakdown of muscle tissue. Interestingly enough, Testosterone can also be converted into a more bioactive metabolite known as DHT, which may be even more biologically potent than testosterone alone.

In a study published by Sports Medicine, rugby players were given either a creatine supplement or a placebo. After 3 weeks, the levels of testosterone did not change, but the conversion rate of testosterone to DHT had risen by 56% after the 7 days of creatine loading and remained 40% above baseline during the 14 days of creatine maintenance.

Bodybuilders should note, however, that higher hormone levels of DHT may also play a role in male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), though further research still needs to be conducted.

Final Thoughts

Although additional research on the full effects of creatine on these hormones still needs to be conducted, it is becoming obvious that there is a definite link between creatine and its abilities to improve physical performance.

To learn more about what Creatine can do for you, feel free to read this in-depth article here.

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