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Creatine Decanate Review

If you’re an athlete that wants to perform at the highest level – which should be any athlete – then one key to your success is finding a way to build muscle and to enhance your energy levels.

The more muscle and energy have, the harder you can push yourself at the gym and the more athletic you’ll become on the court or field.

Along those lines, research has shown that the compound known as creatine serves as a great muscle builder and performance enhancer. With its ability to increase the rate of ATP re-synthesis, creatine can be your best friend and workout out buddy.

In this review, we’ll take a glance at one creatine-based supplement produced by the company, Muscle Meds, called Creatine Decanate.

More specifically, we’re going to find out what you and I should expect from this product and if its even worth a customers time and money.

How Its Unique

Like many other creatine-based supplements, Creatine Decanate promises to increase muscle strenghth and bulk by fueling muscle cells. Further, it also promises to increase a user’s training intensity through an increased rate of ATP re-synthesis which we mentioned above.

But what Creatine Decanate additionally promises, is to provide these performance-enhancing benefits at an incredible rate of speed.

This is due to the fact that, first, the creatine monohydrate found in this product is micronized, making it more readily absorbent because of its diminutive size. Second, Creatine Decanate possesses what Muscle Meds refers to as a “delivery technology.”

This technology, although nothing more than two compounds found in this supplement, is nonetheless an obvious perk if its effective.

Those two compounds include, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and deconate. Both are quite similar in purpose and function. Basically, they serve as absorption enhancers that allow nutrients and other compounds to be readily absorbed by the body.

In this sense, Creatine Decanate has not just one, but two different methods of increasing the rate at which its contents are absorbed.

What It Lacks

That said, this supplement is far from being perfect. Through our research, we raised several concerns.

The first of these concerns is the fact that Creatine Decanate contains a proprietary blend. Although proprietary blends can be very effective, they are also inconsistent and are hard to analyze because they don’t provide consumers with specific dosage levels for each of their ingredients.

Further, Creatine Decanate’s proprietary blend only contains the three compounds/ingredients we listed above! It would have been nice to see a little more variety and effort put into this product by Muscle Meds.

Creatine Decanate’s proprietary blend tops off at 5 grams per serving.

What This All Means

In conclusion, there is plenty to like and dislike about Creatine Decanate. It seems to be effective, but then again, is its proprietary blend masking some of its blemishes?

As such, there is obviously a calculated risk involved with the purchase of this product. Would we go ahead and take that risk? Maybe, since it does only cost $19.99 at retail price for a 1-2 month’s supply.

But then again, there are probably other options out there that would trump Creatine Decanate when all is said and done.

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