10 Best Creatine Supplements of 2014

#1 Decacor

Best Creatine Powder Decacor

Effectiveness : 4.9/5
Speed of Results : 4.8/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.9/5
Long-Term Results : 4.9/5
Product Safety : 4.9/5
Overall Value : 4.9/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Day

Retail Price: $69.95

Lowest Price: $39.95

Decacor has risen to the top of the rankings as the Top Creatine Powder on the market. This best-selling creatine powder contains one of the most advanced creatine formulas featuring 10 proven & patented different forms of creatine! This powerful creatine formula has been the dirty little secret that every professional body builder uses to develop that massive bulk and ultimate definition!

This revolutionary formula uses the 10 most powerful & proven creatine ingredients in: Creapure, Creatine Anhydrous, Kre-Alkalyn, Creatine Ethyl Ester, 2 CM Di-Creatine, Creatine AKG, Di-Creatine Orotate, Magnesium Creatine Chelate, Creatine Citrate, Tri-Creatine Malate. As the only creatine powder that dares to implement the most decorated creatine ingredients, Decacor stands head and shoulders above its closest competitor. With an unbeatable value being priced less than $40, Decacor provides the ultimate creatine formula for the ultimate price! The best part is the makers of Decacor GUARANTEE each and every bottle they sell with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $39.95

#2 Myoswell

Top Myoswell

Effectiveness : 4.9/5
Speed of Results : 4.8/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.7/5
Long-Term Results : 4.9/5
Product Safety : 4.9/5
Overall Value : 4.8/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Day

Retail Price: $79.95

Lowest Price: $49.95

Myoswell is the most potent creatine formula on the market, using the patented Kre-alkalyn creatine to achieve real muscle building results! Myoswell has been formulated in a capsule providing a triple release formula allowing for improved absorption and digestion. With one of the most powerful creatine formulas on the market, we were a bit concerned about the safety with a product packed with such a high concentration of proven creatine ingredients!

We found that Myoswell is 100% all natural and delivers maximum effectiveness with a revolutionary formula that takes your body beyond expectations. Users have reported that Myoswell provides ultimate muscle building results allowing your muscles to experience a powerful pump and improving your muscles with its ability to absorb this powerful formula! The best part is it builds serious muscle mass as it prevents bloating so you’re not fooled into thinking it’s working! This is one powerful creatine formula that delivers a more complete ingredient profile than any other creatine supplement on the market! Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $49.95

#3 BSN CellMass

Top BSN CellMass

Effectiveness : 4.8/5
Speed of Results : 4.8/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.7/5
Long-Term Results : 4.7/5
Product Safety : 4.8/5
Overall Value : 4.8/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 10 Day

Retail Price: $59.95

Lowest Price: $32.99

BSN CellMass has and continues to be one of the best creatine supplements available. Since being released in 2005, it’s been recognized as a powerful way to build muscle, and it will finally give you the post workout and nighttime formula you need as well! Cellmass has been developed by BSN specifically to speed the muscle building process as it decreases recovery time and replenishes the energy the muscles need during workouts to help you work out harder. There’s never been a more popular creatine supplement ever available. By combining creatine ethyl ester malate with proven all-natural ingredients, you’ll have all you need to get bigger and stronger.

When you use BSN CellMass, you will be able to replenish key electrolytes while simultaneously absorbing other cells to refuel muscle cells. It will give you top of the line creatine that can easily absorb into the muscles and body without causing bloating or any other common side effects. When you use BSN CellMass, you will finally be able to get exactly what you are looking for. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $49.95

#4 Optimum Micronized Creatine Powder

Top Optimum Micronized Creatine Powder

Effectiveness : 4.7/5
Speed of Results : 4.7/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.7/5
Long-Term Results : 4.8/5
Product Safety : 4.7/5
Overall Value : 4.7/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 45 Day

Retail Price: $69.99

Lowest Price: $37.99

Optimum Micronized Creatine Powder is the ultimate creatine powder that is made with pure and patented CreaPure creatine! With Optimum Micronized Creatine Powder, you will be able to get a micronized formula to help you build muscle faster. This unflavored, filler and additive-free formula comes ready to help you get the body you truly want.

Optimum Micronized Creatine Powder easily supports strength and power as it’s quickly absorbed and utilized by your body and specifically your muscles. When you use Optimum Micronized Creatine Powder, you will get 5 full grams of pure creatine to help you to far exceed the typical results most men see when they hit the weights. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $37.99

#5 Cell Tech

Top Cell Tech

Effectiveness : 4.6/5
Speed of Results : 4.6/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.6/5
Long-Term Results : 4.7/5
Product Safety : 4.6/5
Overall Value : 4.6/5

Money-Back Guarantee: None

Retail Price: $47.99

Lowest Price: $32.95

Cell Tech was specifically created for the average consumer looking to add creatine in hopes of maximizing their workouts and efforts in the gym. Cell Tech is driven by research and an anabolic creatine formula that will lead to maximum muscle gains and strength while it reduces recovery time and speeds the muscle building process.

With Cell Tech, you will get a vastly superior blend of ingredients that is far beyond the usual creatine-based supplements currently available. Every dose delivers pure creatine into your muscles at a rapid rate so you’ll be seeing every benefit of taking creatine super-fast. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $32.95

#1 Rated Creatine Powder




90 Day

Retail Price:


Lowest Price:


  • 10 Pure Creatine Complex
  • Powerfully Intensifies & Energizes Your Workouts
  • 100% Money Back GUARANTEE
Learn More

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